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Student's learning about Indian Education 2021-22 Indian Education for All Teacher Professional Development For Secondary Educators is a Course

2021-22 Indian Education for All Teacher Professional Development For Secondary Educators

Starts Nov 2, 2021
1.5 credits


Full course description

Buffalo Bill Center of the West Plains Indian Museum

Indian Education for All  Teacher Professional Development



21 hours = 1.5 PTSB credit OR 1 Credit UW 5959

Broken into six 2-hour and 20-minute modules

Three 2-hour Lesson Labs

One 1-hour Final Project Session



Modules 1-3 are groundwork  

Modules 4-7 are in depth 

Lesson Labs are Maker Spaces/ R & D for Teachers

Cost:  FREE to all Wyoming Educators



·       Access to Buffalo Bill Center of the West curated resource materials, access to Historians, Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, Museum Curators, and Museum Educators.


Objectives: Course participants will be able to  

·       Collaborate with museum educators, curators, historians, and Indigenous knowledge keepers to develop instructional materials that addresses Wyoming Indian Education for All Standards 

·       Engage in culturally responsive pedagogical practices 

·       Identify material cultural primary source materials and analyze how to incorporate them into inquiry-based lesson plans 

·       Develop a professional learning community (PLC) for Indian Education for All instruction 

·       Develop, implement, and assess lesson plans and other teaching materials for implementation of the Wyoming Indian Education for All Content Standards 



·       Indian Education for All integrated Lesson/Unit plan with assessment tools 



11/2/21 - Module 1: Object-based Teaching and Learning   

 Methodology and Material Culture Objects/Primary Sources and Instruction  

 Practical Application of Teaching with Objects and Other Primary Sources  


11/16/21 - Module 2: Cultural Competencies  

Methodology, Western Colonialism, and Unpacking Bias  

Practical Application in the Classroom  


11/30/21 - Lesson Lab 1: Idea Development and Research 

Practical Research Strategies for Content Development 

Content Standards Connections 


12/14/21 - Module 3: Culturally Responsive Teaching                                         

Methodology and Pedagogy  

Practical Application    


1/4/22 - Module 4:  Knowledge of Local Native American Tribal Groups                                         

Historical Overview   

Contemporary Studies and Resources  


1/11/22 - Lesson Lab 2: Pedagogy and Practice 

Imbedding Culturally Relevant Practice into Lesson Planning 

Standards and Objectives 


1/25/22 - Module 5: Sovereignty and Land Rights                                         

History and Background  

Contemporary Implications  



2/8/22 - Module 6:  Symbols of Patriotism/Native Americans in the Military                                         

Historical and Cultural Context  

Contemporary Implications  


2/22/22 - Lesson Lab 3: Evaluation and Revision 

Evaluation Tools and Implementation 

How to Revise and Assess Plans 


3/1/22 - Module 7: Final Project Presentations 


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