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Clever Panda Logo Clever Pandas In-Training (Cohort 2) is a Course

Clever Pandas In-Training (Cohort 2)

Started Sep 23, 2021


Full course description

The Clever Pandas course is a Professional Development course aimed at giving users advanced knowledge, use cases, and examples of how they can use the Canvas LMS more fully.
The course will be delivered through 7 modules:
  1. Variations in Canvas Course Design.
  2. How to Create and Share Engaging Content.
  3. How to use Canvas as a Communication Hub.
  4. How to Differentiate Instruction Using Canvas.
  5. All About Accessibility in Canvas.
  6. Canvas New Quizzes.
  7. How to be Data Driven.
This course will be taken with a cohort in similar grade bands, to learn together and to foster professional community, all with the goal of gaining the moniker "Clever Panda."

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