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Wyoming Assessment Literacy for Leadership is a Course

Wyoming Assessment Literacy for Leadership

Started May 12, 2021


Full course description

Participants may earn two (2) Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) credits upon course completion. To earn PTSB credit, participants must submit a Certification of Completion to PTSB.


Assessment literate educators and leaders should understand the criteria used to evaluate whether an assessment system is balanced or not as well as having a strong working knowledge of the roles the various assessments can serve within a system. There is not one assessment system. Rather, systems of assessment can operate at multiple levels of the educational enterprise from the classroom up to the state.


It is vital that educators, school, and district-level leadership thoughtfully determine which assessments are included in a district, school, or classroom assessment system. Making these determinations requires considering the function, purpose, and structure of a high-quality assessment system.


School and district-level leaders should consider five critical criteria when designing a balanced assessment system:  coherencecomprehensivenesscontinuityutility, and efficiency (Marion et al., 2019). Using these criteria in the development of a balanced assessment system allows leaders to make and support inferences about student achievement related to the Wyoming Content and Performance Standards and to ensure multiple opportunities, using multiple formats, for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills related to the standards.


The following course will guide district and school leaders through the components of a balanced assessment system. Leaders will learn how to support the implementation of a balanced assessment system, how to recognize quality assessment practices, how to design assessment, and how to interpret and use data.


The following modules can be used in any order based upon the needs of the leader. Each module is approximately 15-30 minutes in length and includes a recording, Google slides, module script, tools, and resources necessary to apply the information contained within the module.

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